We had a family day full of kids’ activities this weekend and we discovered a few free/low cost activities for young children in Chiang Mai. As an early childhood educator, I was happy about my research. As a 4 year old, Rae had a blast.

Note: the Inspiration for this day came from Chris Applefords Living in Chiang Mai ebook. I highly recommend getting it if you’re coming here, lots of great info!

Our Day on Mapped Out

  1. We started by heading out for breakfast at the Salad Concept (recommended in Chris’ book) but it was closed in the morning so we ate at Smoothy Blues.
  2. We then walked down to the Kadsuankaew Mall, which of course was also still mostly closed (Thai people do not seem to be morning people), but luckily Kiddie Land was just opening.
  3. Then we walked down to Bronco Sports Club. Along the way we happened to pass by Egg Tots and stopped in for a chat about services.
  4. From Bronco Sports Club, we walked down to Buak Hard Park.
  5. Finally we walked over to the Saturday Walking Marketing, and then caught a bus back.

Buak Hard Public Park and Outdoor Playground

Buak Hard Public Park is at the south west corner of the old city. It is simply amazing! Ponds, water fountains, plum trees, pigions, and a nice big playgrounds are great combinations to enjoy a family day. I found that Thai children are very chill. You can barely hear any screaming and crying for the 3-4 hours that we were there. In general, people are very quiet here. They talk quietly and politely.

Chill Indoor Playgrounds in the Mall

A lot of malls in Chiang Mai have indoor playgrounds. We have been to the one on the 3rd floor of Maya Mall and tried Kiddy Land at Kad Suan Kaew Mall  on today’s trip. Maya’s playground is newer and it costs 100thb to get in. (Kids have to wear socks and there is another 30thb if you want to accompany your child in the playground). Monday to Friday you can play unlimited hours but on weekends it is 100thb per hour. The space is huge and there are a lot of things to do, buncy castles, balls, cars, pretend play area, etc. Surprisingly there were only 4-5 kids playing when we were there.

Maya Mall Kids Playground

Kiddy Land costs 50thb and it is a little old but good enough for kids to run around and enjoy the equipment. There are a row of chairs and couches just by the playground in both malls and it is easy to see your children and supervise them. Besides, they lock the door after your children get in. It seems safe.

Sports Club with Swimming Pool, Play Room and Kids Friendly Cafe

Bronco Kids Sport Club located in the old city and it has a public indoor swimming pool. It costs 100thb per hour (a little pricey to us from Canada) per person. Of course there is a pool at our place too, but I think Rae just really enjoyed being in amongst all the other kids for a change. In the same building, there is a play room (30thb for half an hour and 50thb for 1 hour) with a lot of toys. Also, you can go to the kids friendly cafe to enjoy a cup of coffee while your kids play their toys.

Bronco Sports Club Location


Bronco Sports Park Play Room

Gymnastic, Thai boxing, Chess and Science Classes

There are a couple of other activities going on in Bronco Kids Sport Club, Gymnastic classes, Thai boxing (both are on the 2nd floor), Science classes and Chess classes (by the play room). We only checked the gymnastic classes since the others are for school aged children. They take drop-in children. It is about 300thb for a one hour weekend class.

It seems flexible to enroll in the educational programs in Thailand. We have checked a couple of pre-schools and daycares. They welcome drop in children and they customize their programs according to your plan.

On our walk we actually passed by Egg Tot’s House, which had some English signs out front, so we stopped in to chat and see what they offered. They had weekend arts classes and some drop in daily and weekly options.

Egg Tot's House Location

We will keep checking all the kids activities in Chiang Mai. Please stay tuned if you are interested.


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